Merrell L. Poole & Associates, Inc.

Manufacturer Representatives


...since 1956

BK Resources:
Hand Sinks, Commercial Sinks & Accessories, Plumbing Supplies, Commercial Equipment

Cimberio Valve Co.:
:Cimpress Ball Valves, Balancing Valves, Specialty Valves

Delany Products,
Flush Valves, Electronic Faucets

Safety Controls for Science Classrooms, Fire Stations and other applications

Quality Engineered Plumbing Drainage Products

Borosilicate Glass Acid Waste Drain line & Chemical Stoneware
Acid Neutralization Tanks

Leonard Valve Co.:
Thermostatic Master mixing valves, Pressure Balance & Thermostatic Shower valves, Hose Stations, Emergency Mixing Valves

MAPA Products:
Rooftop Products – Pipe Supports, Pedestal Hydrants and Pedestal Electrical Disconnects

Polycast Drain:
Presloped Polymer Concrete Trench Drains & Catch Basins

Williams Brothers Co.:
Access doors and panels


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